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Last Mile celebrate National Lorry Week

From 24th October to 30th October, the road transport industry is celebrating National Lorry Week and businesses that keep everything moving.

Last Mile are proud to be a part of this and are getting involved and joining in on celebrating such a hard-working industry.

With trucks being fundamental to our way of life; delivering everything that we use and consume, but often taken for granted, National Lorry week is a perfect chance to appreciate and celebrate drivers and the industry.

National Lorry week is also a perfect time for Last Mile to celebrate their recent new fleet of branded vehicles and a good time to reflect and be proud of them too.

Last Mile have faced some huge challenges over the last couple of years: from the Covid-19 crisis to driver shortages to this year' fuel crisis and to now be able to be able to keep their wheels turning in an ever- growing industry, distinguished by their logo is an extremely exciting time. 

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