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Last Mile goes Viral with TikTok video!!!

Last Mile launched a new TikTok account last year as part of their effort to reach new audiences and engage with their staff as with its personalised feeds of quirky short videos it is notable for its high levels of engagement.

Since then Last Mile have been encouraging staff to join TikTok and create content that will resonate with followers and show the fun side that can be had in their roles with prizes awarded for the most viewed video.

Last Mile have posted a variety of videos each week with staff from different departments getting involved and are delighted that one video has now unexpectedly gone viral!!!! 

With over 635,000 views and over 3,000 likes the video is continuing to perform extremely well with the numbers increasing by the day. 

In the now-viral video, an employee is stood outside pretending to call one of their drivers to encourage them to hurry in to work as they have a busy day ahead. 

The short video has grabbed the attention of a lot of people within the industry with some taking it a little bit too seriously and commenting negatively on it. 

However, Last Mile are not overly concerned with the negative comments as the video was created in jest with the intentions of it resonating with fellow transport planners which it certainly seemed to too. 

They are delighted with the increased amount of followers it has received since posting the video along with the high level of engagement and positive interest that it has had.

With a now very high target to beat, staff members have got their thinking caps on regarding what TikTok video they can do next!!  

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