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Last Mile on recycling

One of the high-quality services that Last Mile provide is delivering furniture, beds and mattresses to homes both locally and nationally. 

Their 2 x Man Home Delivery teams take care of unpacking and assembling along with the disposal of old mattresses and packaging too.

Last Mile ensure that all waste collected is recycled through a strict quality controlled process and manufactured into new products to support the circular economy.

Mattress recycling challenges

Mattress recycling is a sustainable solution to a growing environmental issue and will assist the planet and future generations by reducing the amount of waste going to landfill decreasing further damage to the environment. 

With more and more consumers purchasing comfort mattresses online and with sales continuing to rise year on year, the need to recycle bulky waste won't be going away any time soon. 

100% of the scrap mattresses are recycled and reused

In the last year Last Mile have collected and contributed to recycling over 6000 mattresses. 

All scrap mattresses are delivered by their HGV team to a recycling company who are specialists in the field of recycling mattresses and who have created a unique system to simplify mattress recycling. 

Each mattress is put through a waste acceptance procedure and broken down into its component parts which are then sent off to industries that can benefit from these raw materials. Steel from the springs, wool, cotton fillings and even the cushioning material will all have a new life.

Reducing volume of waste

By using a baler all packaging materials are disposed of professionally reducing Last Mile's volume of waste. 

A baler reduces, compacts and recycles all scrap cardboard and plastic that is collected. 

Last Mile have specially trained members of staff to use the baler safely and efficiently. It takes a lot of cardboard to create just one bale and it can be a laborious job with staff having to hand feed the machine and make sure that the cardboard is the right size for the aperture. 

Paul Lambert, Transport Director said: 

As a company we have an interest in building a positive reputation regarding environmental sustainability whilst at the same time offering the highest service level to our customers.
Recycling mattresses, reworking pallets, bailing plastics and cardboard are all standard procedures for Last Mile in order to capture and reduce waste before it's discarded.
We are extremely proud that our waste management methods support the circular economy.

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