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Last Mile recruitment drive

Last Mile's latest recruitment drive will seek to employ experienced Home Delivery Drivers along with day and night time Warehouse Operatives to join their existing teams.

Hard working, reliable people with a positive attitude and excellent communication skills is what Last Mile are looking for.

Teamwork is also extremely important too as many of the duties staff will be performing require them to do so with a team member, so being able to do this effectively will make the job easier for everyone. 

Lisa Hughes, Last Mile Logistics said:

There's so much more to working in transport and warehousing than you first think. It's an interesting, fast-paced environment to work in. It can also be very challenging at times but with everyone pulling together when things get tough it can be very rewarding too. 
Last Mile are growing bigger and better every year and the reason for this continued success is the quality people that we have working for us and we are looking for more dynamic individuals to join our existing teams
If you're easy to get along with, accommodating, and always willing to help, you will be a perfect fit for Last Mile.

To see full details of the available roles and to apply please see the job section on our website.

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