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Last Mile Wellbeing

Last Mile Logistic Solutions are passionate about creating a happy, healthy working environment and a more productive workforce. 

With the help of Optime, Last Mile have an employee wellbeing programme via an App that is available to all employees.

It is designed to support health and wellbeing by providing personalised and confidential support on the go around the following areas:

- Physical wellbeing 

- Social wellbeing 

- Environmental wellbeing 

- Financial wellbeing 

- Professional wellbeing 

- Mental and emotional wellbeing

This includes wellbeing newsletters, healthy recipes and exercises, wellbeing workshops, goal setting and a 24/7 wellbeing support line

'Our employees wellbeing is so important to us and as our business grows it's reassuring to know that we have the support of the OptiMe Wellbeing programme behind us' - 

Lisa Hughes - HR & Business Support Manager

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