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Warehouse to Wheels Programme 2023 Update!

Last Mile launched its 'Warehouse to Wheels' scheme in 2021 in a bid to encourage its existing staff to pursue their careers as Heavy Goods Vehicle Drivers. 

It has always been in Last Mile's interest to retain long standing and hard working employees, so they can benefit from their acquired experience and loyalty which is an essential part of their business growth.  

The offer of training and a guaranteed job driving heavy goods vehicles makes it a fantastic opportunity to not only progress existing staff's careers, but to take them in an entirely new direction.

This has been an attractive proposition and Last Mile have had many successes with the most recent ones being Jonathon Swann, Ray Foster and Stuart Henderson.  All have worked for Last Mile for a few years within the 2 x Man Home Delivery team and have all been very keen to progress their careers as Heavy Goods Vehicle Drivers.

With the help of Regional Training Partners in Billingham, Jonathon, Ray and Stuart last week completed the final part of their training requirements and are all now fully qualified Class 1 Drivers.

Last Mile are extremely excited to be introducing new contracts within the business in the coming months and Jonathon, Ray and Stuart will all be having new fundamental roles in the new projects and advancing their careers within Last Mile.

Well done to the 3 of them and thank you to Regional Training Partners for providing Last Mile with an excellent training programme!!

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